"Young Martyrs / Woolf [rehearsal demo​]​" [Single]

by The Poetry Book

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"The brilliant ‘Young Martyrs’ is a dark wave gem."
- The Primal Music Blog [ primalmusicblog.com ]


From our sophomore ep "Young Martyrs",
premiere release for The Blog That Celebrates Itself,
you can read our interview here >>>


released June 8, 2015



all rights reserved
Track Name: Young Martyrs
Tonight I'll write
my last request to God
Because tonight
I have lost you

My words won't reach you anymore
My hand won't touch you anymore
So I have to pray and let go

I'm longing for those days
Days we spent alone
The cold and rainy days
when I was being loved

And I'll let the moon be my witness
And I'll let the sun be my witness

I'm ready to die for love
I'm ready to die for you
Track Name: Woolf [Untitled rehearsal demo]
Please tell me again
what does it mean
to be me

Words are meaningless
when you're reaching for God
from my lips

Just whisper once more
how does it feels
to be seen

Bleeding fury and sound
from an empty soul

And love won't grow
it won't grow
no, it won't

Tell me again
what do I mean?
I am too pure
to be a dream

You can't touch me
I'm too expensive
I am too pure
I am a sin

Do you believe
the Sun will shine
on us?

I'm the darkest moon
I will drown

And then, all again
The noise will kill
all the pain

And we'll start, once more
And once more, repeat
With no end