First [Ep]

by The Poetry Book

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"Gritty noise pop that brings to mind The Lightning Seeds, early Jesus And Mary Chain and The Psychedelic Furs.

The lo-fi drum machine and single note filled guitar parts give "Bruises" a lot of charm. "Empty" is a much darker track delving further into the realms of noise while "Solaris (Love Dies At Dawn)" puts an evil spin on textbook Spector like girl group songs as the track has an underlying menace that's matched by few.

I love the overall feel of this E.P. As dark as it is there's an immense feeling of hope and determination throughout. "

- Dave Allison, Custom Made Music [ ]

* * *

"The Poetry Book o lo que es lo mismo el duo que componen Chris W. y Soul R. nos muestra su carta de presentación con un EP de 3 canciones donde los sintetizadores adquieren un protagonismo esencial.

Bruises nos adentra en el noise pop con voz subyacente y ruido electrónico que para la ocasión se acompaña de un ritmillo melódico de lo más pegajoso. Empty supone una apertura, un universo más abierto que finalmente culmina en la sugerente Solaris (Love Dies At Dawn.)"

- Miguel Ángel Gómez Linares,


"What I get from this is a pretty explicit venture into Pop. Where bands previously would try to blur the lines a bit, the Poetry Book owns their Poppy structure, but clouds each individual element to make for an explosion of sound that doesn’t assault you, but rather sweeps you up and carries you with their songs. It’s a cool approach that really makes you think about things like Shoegaze and Dream Pop a bit differently."

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released January 1, 2015



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Track Name: Bruises
She said: "I rather be a celsia
rotting in the dark."
and I'm yet to understand.

She said: "The sun will shine again
even when I die."
But my hands were shaking in the dark.

Where are you now?
can you hear me now?
As I'm calling you
I'm calling you

She said: "I'm gonna be all the things no one wants to be.
So you can say goodbye to me."

She said: "I rather be a celsia,
can you understand?"
but I'm yet to understand.
Track Name: Empty
"Are you happy now?"
You're asking me
And I don't know what to say
There's nothing on my books
[About happiness]

But all the songs
I'm listening
Are telling me
That I should be
So why am I empty?

Were you happy back then?
When we kissed
under the moonlight
And now it's too late
It's too late for us

"Are you happy now?"
You are asking me
And I don't know what to say
There's nothing on my books
[About happiness]

Are you happy now?
Are you happy now?
Are you listening?
Are you happy now?

And all the songs
I'm listening
are telling me
that I should be happy
So why can't I feel it?

I'm sorry I wasn't listening
I'm sorry I wasn't listening at all
Track Name: Solaris [Love Dies At Dawn]
There may be hope
but not for us.
The night is cold when you are
lost in the dark.

And when the time has come
for us to go.
The love you didn't give
will be lost.

And maybe then
you'll regret
The dawn.